In this video op-ed, a North Korean defector, Yeonmi Park, urges the United States to put pressure on Kim Jong-un to end his human rights abuses. She tells President Trump that now is not the time for photo opportunities, but rather strong actions. Millions of North Koreans are suffering under the Kim regime and Mr. Trump must do something to help them, she says.
在这份以视频的形式呈现的专栏作品中,一名朝鲜脱北者朴研美(Yeonmi Park)敦促美国对金正恩施压,结束其侵犯人权的行为。她告诉特朗普总统,现在不是给媒体拍照的时候,而是要采取有力行动的时刻。她说,数以百万计的朝鲜人正在金氏政权下受苦,特朗普必须采取行动帮助他们。
Ms. Park recently published her memoir, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.” She is on the board of directors of the Human Rights Foundation.
朴研美近期出版了她的回忆录《为了活下去——脱北女孩朴研美》(IN ORDER TO LIVE: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom),她是人权基金会(Human Rights Foundation)的董事。